Pothy's new advertisement starring Puneeth Rajkumar and Tamannah has landed in legal trouble as Rishi Kumara Swamiji of Bigg Boss fame has filed a case against the makers of the commercial.

Sandalwood's Puneeth Rajkumar is shown as Kempegowda, who built Bengaluru and Tamannah as his wife. In the ad: Though Kempegowda builds the entire city, wife is not happy as she has no place to buy sarees. This lacuna is fulfilled by Pothy's as they build a saree palace, making Kempegowda's wife happy.

Rishi Kumara Swamiji has taken offence to the advertisement and said that it insults Kempegowda. He has said that if no action is taken against such an advertisement then companies will come forward to claim ownership for various developments in Bengaluru.

Thus he has urged that the advertisement should be withdrawn. Else, he has threatened to intensify protests against the company.

Watch the advertisement here:

Bottom line: Rishi Kumara Swamiji is considered as the seer and he took part in a reality show Bigg Boss. He was seen dancing with the female participants and was very much engrossed in worldly activities. Was he true to the principles of a seer?