Kathua, Unnao, Surat, Manipur, four different places but connected by one thread, that of minors brutally raped and in some cases, killed.

The Kathua rape victim was just 8-year-old, Surat victim was just 11, Manipur girl who was raped and then set on fire was also 11-year-old, the Unnao victim was 18.

After the horrific Nirbhaya case back in 2012, people expected reforms in laws enacted to protect women. Judgement was passed awarding death sentences to the four of the five accused. However, the judgement hasn't been carried out and this has bolstered the intent of evil rapists who continue to commit such heinous crimes with no fear of the law.

The horrific Kathua rape case where an 8-year-old was abducted, sedated raped and then murdered, shook the nation. People were afraid for their children. Considering the fact that four of the eight accused were policemen, makes the act all the more terrifying.

But residents of Bengaluru have refused to let this case die down. On Sunday, April 22, people gathered at the Townhall to demand justice for the Kathua rape victims and others like her. The group consisted mainly of students, young working professionals and also an MLA contestant from Shivajinagar, Syed Mujahid.

"Why cannot our government take a stand? Why cannot our government change laws against rapes? men really need to learn how to respect women," said Sadia, a journalism student.

She believes that education is the key to change in society. She says that it is the responsibility of the government to ensure education for the masses.

"Women are treated as commodities. The government is not feared by the people. Abhi kar liya hai, baadme kuch hone waala hai nahi, so let's do it, nothing will happen to us, is what criminals think," said Kritika, a student present at the protest.

"A few state governments have passed rules that rapists of girls below 12 years will be hanged. What about the girls after 12 years? I say, the rapist should be shot in front of the media, in front of the girl, so that the girl gets justice," says Monisha, another student.


The protest was also attended by little children, some of the same age as the Kathua and the Surat rape victims. Questions were also raised about the loopholes in the laws that are used by rapists to escape justice.

"Multiple benches are approached with regards to a single case. This leads to a lot of confusion and justice is delayed," said Dr Pushpa, vice-president of Human Rights Empowerment Council of India.

"Instead of blaming the government we should have a healthy society. we need to stand united. 'Vasudaiva Kutumbakam' is what our culture teaches us. Let the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary work together and serve justice without politicising an issue," she further added.

The demand of the people present at the protest was clear, justice not only to the Kathua rape victim but to all rape victims and reforms to be brought in laws to make sure such incidents never happen in this nation again.