In Uttara Kannada district that is facing a water crisis, a 51-year-old lady single-handedly dug a well and has yielded water from it. Gouri S Naik of Ganesh Nagar, Sirsi, is now being called ‘Lady Bhagiratha’ due to her remarkable achievement. 


A daily-wage earner, Gouri needed a readily available water source for her 150 areca and 15 coconut plants but did not have the money to pay for getting a well build. So, she decided to do dig a well herself. It took her three months to dig 60 feet deep well and yield water from it, reported the Times of India. She dug 5 to 6 hours everyday and only took help to take out the dirt while digging. The well has 7 feet water at present.


Gouri is a member of Dharmastala Rural Development Scheme and the Scheme officer, Vinoda, said that Gouri complaint of body ache when she came to attend a meeting but did not disclose that she is single-handedly digging a well. The national daily quoted Vinoda as saying.