Very soon, Karnataka markets will have food and beauty products created using silkworm pupae and cocoon as researchers of the College Of Sericulture, Chintamani in Chikkaballapura district is working on developing a range of products using these as the primary ingredient.


The researchers are claiming that the food products made with low cholesterol silkworms are good for those who have diabetes and heart ailments, reported a leading national daily. 


In the North-eastern states of India, silkworm pupae are considered protein-rich and are sold in weekly markets. The researchers are also working on edibles from pupae in powder form or solvent for consumption, the Times of India quoted an assistant professor of byproduct utilisation, College of Sericulture, Chandrashekar S Kallimani, as saying. 


The team has already created poultry feed from silkworm pupae powder that has received a positive response, and they are in conversation with veterinarians for standardising the product having essential nutrient additions, he added.  


For this team of researchers, the next move is standardising the products for human consumption to be made available as soup or nutrient drinks and this will take another two to three months. Apart from edibles, the team is also developing soap from silkworm cocoons, and within a month this product will be ready. 


China, Japan, Hong Kong and Korean cuisine are known for using silkworm pupae and cocoon as one of the ingredients.