Karnataka's JD(S) President, HD Kumaraswamy, will take oath as the CM on Wednesday (May 22), post the resignation of BJP's Yeddyurappa.

After a hiatus, the Supreme Court had ordered for a floor test on May 19. By then the leader of the single majority party, BS Yeddyurappa, was sworn in as the Chief Minister. When Yeddyurappa failed to prove majority, he resigned as the chief minister on the same day.

HD Kumaraswamy met the Governor and got the invitation to form the government on the same day. However, he chose Wednesday as the day of swearing in. Here are the reasons for doing so.

Monday (May 21) was the death anniversary of former PM Rajiv Gandhi and as JD(S) has an alliance with Congress in Karnataka, he did not want to keep the celebration on that day. But why not Tuesday?

Though most of them have no clue why Tuesday is termed as inauspicious, elders in India advise children not to take any decisions on Tuesday especially when it comes to joining a new job, submitting the application, etc... many follow it religiously.

It is also said that astrologers consider Mars as a planet of war. And Tuesday represents the Mars. With enough war of words being exchanged before the elections and now while distributing the portfolios, Kumaraswamy might have decided that it is better not to take oath on Tuesday (May 22).

Thus, Kumaraswamy chose Wednesday (May 22) as the ideal one to assume office as the CM of Karnataka.