Here are the details of Karnataka budget and about what gets expensive and what is cheaper.

Petrol, diesel

In the State Budget presented today (July 5) by Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, fuel taxes have been increased by 2%. Accordingly, there is an increase of Rs 1.14 for petrol and Rs 1.12 for diesel per litre.

Diesel cess has been increased from 19% to 21%, whereas cess on petrol has been increased from 30% to 32%.


The grants being given to one of the most popular schemes of Siddaramaiah government, Annabhagya has been cut. A Below Poverty Line family will receive 5 kg rice instead of 7 kg which was fixed during the previous Congress government. Instead of one kg tur dal, BPL families can get only half kg now; one kg each of salt and sugar.


There has been an increase of 20 paisa per unit.

Liquor, cigarettes costly

Two high revenue yielding products - liquor and cigarettes have become costly