Karnataka Bandh: In the battle between Congress and BJP, is the public taken for a ride?

First Published 23, Jan 2018, 7:25 PM IST
Karnataka Bandh In the battle between Congress and BJP is the public taken for a ride
  • The long-standing Mahadayi issue is now attracting two bandhs within a period of 10 days in Karnataka
  • It looks nothing but a way to cripple the general public.
  • Are local citizens taken for a ride amid the scuffle between the state's leading political factions - Congress and BJP?

Yes Mahadayi issue is something that definitely needs attention keeping in mind the parched  plight of those in North Karnataka. However, is Bandh the only way out?

While one understands that protests are democratic, but are bandhs crippling the general public truly democratic in nature. And to know that there are two bandhs in a span of 10 days that will be implemented and witnessed, woes of the people remain status quo. Be it those suffering in North Karnataka or those here in Bengaluru.

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Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah held a meeting with the Kannada organisations, who initially wanted to call for a bandh on the 28th. PM Modi had earlier scheduled a visit to Karnataka on the said date. The intention was to pressurise the PM to intervene in the Mahadayi crisis plaguing Goa and Karnataka. But with CM not saying a word about this bandh on 25th, which doesn't really serve the actual purpose, has indeed left all confused. Activists' decision for another bandh in Bengaluru on Feb 4th during the actual visit of Modi makes one wonder if the elected head of the government is actually encouraging the initiative that inconveniences public.


The BJP has expressed its wrath and alleged that the CM's motive is to disrupt the Parivartan Yatra undertaken by them, which concludes on Feb 4th and will be attended by Prime Minister Modi. The angry party members further said if this can be done by the CM, BJP can call for a bandh when Rahul Gandhi visits Karnataka in the month of February. Imagine a situation if there is a third bandh in a row!


According to media reports, a two-day bandh in Karnataka resulted in revenue loss of 50 cr rupees in the year 2000. A day-long bandh in the state in 2015 led to an initial loss of 1800 cr rupees. Are Karnataka netas failing in their duty of ensuring normal life, while keeping their political gains in mind?