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How much do you know about Karnataka's Mudhol hound, the first desi breed to serve Indian Army

  • Mudhol hounds are known for their great agility and sharpness
  • They can complete any task in 40 seconds while a Labrador and  German Shepherd take 90 minutes
  • This is for the first time that the Indian Army is using first Desi breed to guard the borders
karnata bagalkot mudhol hound to serve indian army mudhol hound structure facts
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In a first, Karnataka's Mudhol hounds are all set to be inducted into the Indian Army, to guard the borders. In fact, this is for the first time that the Army will be using the Desi breed to keep vigil at the borders of Jammu and Kashmir. While the Army's initiative is in tune with the Made-in-India approach, it has certainly brought back the focus on the lean-mean hounds that were once relegated to the agriculture fields.

Here are quick facts that you must know about Karnataka's native hound

The ancestry of Mudhol hounds can be traced back to Middle East region, especially Afghanistan, Turkey and Persia. It is said that invaders from this region brought the dogs along with them. Perhaps, over the years, Mudhol breeds are from these breeds.

Mudhol breeds are also known as Caravan hound as they were used to guard caravans. However, the Indian National Kennel Club recognises it as Mudhol hound.

Unlike the European breeds, Mudhol breeds were almost neglected. But thanks to the Ghorpade rulers of Mudhol State, then that these hounds are now back in demand. Reports said that Shrimant Rajesaheb Malojirao Ghorpade revived the near-extinct Mudhol hounds. Even today, the descendants of the Ghorpade royal family are involved in the development of the breed, even today, reports Deccan Herald.

History has it that Mudhol were the companions of Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji. Hence, they are also known as Maratha hounds. They were so attached to him that they were buried next to Shivaji's grave Raighad fort.

Mudhol hounds are known for their endurance, stamina, agility and sharpness. Although they are slender, their agility in hunting remains unmatched. Not just that they have a powerful vision and their strong jaw packs for a perfect scissor-like bite.

It is reported that Mudhol hounds can complete a task in 40 seconds while Labrador and German Shepherd take 90 seconds. Besides, these hounds can sniff out drugs too, reports The Hindu.

To preserve and promote indigenous breeds, the Canine Research and Information Centre was set up in Mudhol by the Karnataka Veterinary Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, (KVAFSU) Bidar. The institute breeds pure-bred Mudhol puppies, and today they are popular, everywhere. The institute has hugely credited for preserving this breed. For, from just mere 750 Mudhol hounds in 2010, today, the number has increased to many thousands.

It may be recalled here that last year Remount Veterinary Corps School in Meerut had taken six puppies from the (KVAFSU) for training. The puppies have been trained in explosive detection, tracking, guarding and defence too.

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