Join us or let us go on our path: Minister Patil tells Veerashaivas

karnataka | Monday, September 25th, 2017
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  • It is a movement beyond party politics, says minister Patil
  • Retired IAS officer SM Jamadar said the movement is not to divide but for uniting and for progress of the society
  • Mathe Mahadevi clarified that she will not reprint the controversial 'Basava Vachana Deepthi' published in 1996

With the Central government turning down the request for a separate religion status to Lingayats - at least twice - the Lingayats have decided up their ante. They have decided to intensify their agitation to bring pressure on the Central government. At the Kalaburagi meeting of Lingayats, minister MB Patil, who is spearheading the movement, sought the support of Veerashaiva leaders for the movement. "If you can join us. Or let us go ahead on our own way," he said. 

"It is a movement beyond party politics. So far BJP leaders are silent. If they still want to join us, they are most welcome," said Patil. Taking a dig at those who are criticising their movement, Patil said those who are trying to misguide the people about the agitation, Basavanna will teach them a lesson. 

Delivering the keynote address, retired IAS officer SM Jamadar said there are attempts to misrepresent the agitation saying it is dividing the society. The movement is not to divide but for uniting and for progress of the society, he said. Female seer Mathe Mahadevi said termed the Congress' leaders' participation in the rally as apolitical. "They are not doing with the political intentions but with religious interests. BJP leaders too must join us," said Mathe Mahadevi, reports Kannada Prabha.

On the occasion, Patil launched the national Basava Sene. He said a new national youth era has to be launched and Mining Minister Vinaya Kulkarni has been given the responsibility of initiating 25 lakh youth into National Basava Sene. Youth from all over without considering caste or religion will be admitted into the Sene, he said.

Following the Supreme Court order, Basava Peetha president Mathe Mahadevi clarified that she will not reprint 'Basava Vachana Deepthi' first published in 1996.

Ministers Basavaraja Rayaraddy, Vinaya Kulkarni, Dr Sharana Prakash Patil, Basavaraj Horatti, Ilkal Mahantha Appa, Gadag Tontada Seer, Bhalki Guru and Chitradurga Murugha mutt seer were present.





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