JD(S) finalises a candidate against 'rebel' Zameer! Who will win the battle?

First Published 23, Sep 2017, 11:33 AM IST
JDS finalises a candidate against rebel Zameer Who will win the battle Karnataka politics
  • JD(S) Supremo Deve Gowda has at last finalised a candidate against the rebel leader Zameer Ahmed
  • Zameer had quit JD(S) and joined Congress recently and will be contesting from Chamarajapet Constituency
  • Zameer had challenged that he will behead himself if JD(S) candidate defeats him in Chamarajapert
  • JD(S) candidate Imran Pasha is trying his best to stand up to party's expectations and to defeat Zameer Ahmed

JD(S) Supremo and former Prime Minister Deve Gowda has at last finalised a candidate to contest against the rebel leader Zameer Ahmed who recently joined the Congress, say sources. Thus it will be interesting to watch if any heads will be sacrificed in Chamarajapet Constituency.

Zameer Ahmed had some time ago had declared that if any contestant from JD(S) defeats him in Chamarajapet, he will behead himself. He had repeated that it was not any gimmick but will cut his head the moment he fails to win, in front of the media.

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At this juncture, Chamarajapet has become a matter of pride and prestige for the JD(S) as well as Zameer Ahmed. According to sources, Deve Gowda had invited party leader Imran Pasha home on the pretext of Amavasya Worship and had a long talk with him.

It seems the senior Gowda is convinced that Imran Pashan can take on Zameer Ahmed in Chamarajapet.

However, even before Deve Gowda held talks, there were rumours in the party level that Pasha would contest against Zameer. Accordingly, after Zameer broke away from JD(S), Pasha was seen taking part in many events including Ganesh Chaturthi, making himself appear closer to people.

It all started some years ago when Zameer who was still with JD(S) became a rebel and started contesting against the party leaders. Zameer is still considered a strong candidate. He is getting a grand treatment in the Congress, and the party is sure of winning the Chamarajapet Constituency.

Will Imran Pasha successful in breaking the strong forte of Zameer Ahmed? If defeated will Zameer Ahmed stand up to his promise and behead himself? Only the results of the next Assembly Elections to be held in either Aril or May will tell.