A speech by an Islamic cleric warning Muslim youth to be careful of a radical Salafi group - near Bantwal in Mangaluru - who might attempt to lure them to join the dreaded terror group ISIS has gone viral.

The audio clip mentions that the group allegedly shows allegiance to the terror group and is active around Bantwal. These developments that are almost similar to what Kasaragod has been witnessing these days now has raised some concern in the Dakshina Kannada district. 

The speech was made by Ismail Shafi, chief of Canara Salafi movement. In his speech he had said that "a group of youth under the strong influence of 'Salafi Dammaj', a terrorist principle, are active around BC Road in Bantwal taluk near Mangaluru trying to lure Muslim youth. They wear black or brown pyjamas like ISIS and wear a cap or turban on their heads." 

"The group is also active in Kalladka, Maripalla and Ullal in Dakshina Kannada district. The radical Salafis also have strictly instructed the women to wear clothes covering their full body. Besides, this the women also have been instructed not to talk to men other than their husbands. Muslim men too have been asked not to talk to men from other religions, for to laugh along with Hindus is 'haram'. A mosque in BC Road is allegedly dedicated to this group and you should be aware of this."  

However, Ismail Shafi tried to alleviate the concerns surrounding the audio clip stating that it was the casual talk that he addressed in a private meeting. "I was just mentioning it in my talk. But someone has uploaded it."

After Shafi's speech went viral, it caused a major debate forcing the Dakshina Kannada police to take note of it.

Dakshina Kannada Superintendent of Police Sudheer Reddy stated that the audio clip is in the Byari language and has a mention of ISIS. "The contents of the clip are being transcoded and translated into Kannada. If we find anything suspicious, we will investigate it. Will file a case, only if it is inevitable," reports Kannada Prabha quoting SP Reddy.

Here's the full text of the speech by Shafi:

"Dammaj group does not talk to anybody. They are migrating to other countries as they claim living in India is becoming impossible for them. They do not send their children to local schools. They neither travel by local bus, nor do they work. A software engineer who was associated with a Dammaj group in Kalladka has now quit his job. Recently, a group from Kerala had gone to Dammaj in Yemen but were arrested.

They were members of this Dammaj group. Of them two are dead. Their ultimate goal is Jihad or Hizira to sacrifice themselves. Recently, a girl who had allegedly went to Dammaj had sent a message to her family that “I will meet you in heaven.” Such a group is active in BC Road. They have a mosque and they function undercover. They brainwash the youth and coax them to join the group. Many educated Muslims have joined the group and this is alarming. They call themselves Salafi. A man from Moodbidri is allegedly funding them. Take care to see that your children do not mingle with them. Do not give your daughters in marriage to them."