#ILoveMuslims and #Enivaga are the befitting answers for Moral Policing, here is why

ILoveMuslims and Enivaga hashtags Moral Policing Dhanyashree
  • Two hashtags #ILoveMuslims and #Enivaga are making the rounds in support of Dhanyashree in Karnataka
  • Dhanyashree allegedly committed suicide after a fringe group took her to task for being friends with a Muslim man
  • Her messages of I Love Muslims, and Enivaga were made public by the accused, targeting her

Moral policing is the latest rampant nuisance allegedly caused by the fringe groups, where youths are forced to consider the caste and religion of a person before befriending him or her. Recently, Dhanyashree of Mudigere, Chikmagalur, was threatened by the fringe groups for speaking to a Muslim man and had committed suicide.

Her WhatsApp messages stating I Love Muslims and Enivaga (meaning 'so what?') were made public by one of the accused persons Santhosh. He along with five associates reportedly barged into the girl's house and threatened her mother too. All this because the girl was speaking to a Muslim.

Victim Dhanyashree who dealt with the issue boldly became scared after they barged into the house and threatened her family and thus took the extreme step.

However, the death note which the police found near Dhanya's body pointed to the five people in this regard, who were later booked. SP Annamalai arrested two prime accused, who are said to be close aides of BJP leader CT Ravi.

But instead of getting bogged down by the threats, people have come out in the open supporting Dhanyashree with hashtags ILoveMuslims and Enivaga. People are seen posting pictures with their Muslim partners and friends on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Not only people from Karnataka, but even the Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam media have come out in support of Dhanyashree.

In fact, in a similar case, SFI leader Madhuri Bolar from Mangaluru also was threatened by the right-wing fringe group, and her photo was circulated in the WhatsApp group where she was accompanied by two Hindu boys and a Muslim man. But she was targeted for being accompanied by Hamza Keenya alone, and not the other two boys.

Madhuri along with her mother took the issue seriously and filed a complaint with Cyber police and gave a clarification that all three boys were the office-bearers of SFI and were travelling together for a conference, one year ago. Action is being initiated against the accused who posted the photo on social media groups.

It's high time people come out and make it clear to the hate mongers. Spreading hate is a crime, and not loving someone (irrespective of caste and religion).

So, #ILoveMusilms #Enivaga?