IAS officer Anurag Tewari was murdered, confirms autopsy report

First Published 21, Sep 2017, 9:35 AM IST
IAS officer Anurag Tewari was murdered confirms autopsy report
  • Food and Civil Supplies Department Commissioner Anurag Tewari was found dead at Lucknow State guest house on May 17
  • There were reports that he could have died of heart attack or drug overdose
  • Tewari's family has been claiming foul play in his death

The fear of IAS officer Anurag Tewari 's family that he was murdered in Lucknow has come true with the autopsy report now confirming that Tewari did not die of a drug overdose or heart attack, as was being claimed earlier. 

According to a report in Bangalore Mirror, Anurag's body bore multiple injuries before his death which indicated that he could have been murdered.

Quoting the post-mortem report, Bangalore Mirror says that a deep lacerated wound was found on Anurag's left chin along with a similar wound on the middle portion of the lower lip. The report also mentions of 'abraded contusion' strongly indicating that there was external pressure on him and the injuries had the signs of trauma. These signs strengthen the family's allegation that Tewari was pinned down and smothered to death.

"The nature of injuries on his body indicate that someone held his legs and arms before they smothered him to death," reports Bangalore Mirror quoting Mayank Tewari, brother of the deceased officer. It may be recalled here that the Uttar Pradesh government had ordered the CBI probe into the death of the officer after the parents suspected foul play in it.

IAS officer Anurag Tewari was the Commissioner of Food and Civil Supplies in Karnataka. He was found dead on May 17 (incidentally it was 36th birthday) near the state guesthouse in Lucknow.

Anurag Tewari was known as the upright officer by his colleagues. During his stint as the Commissioner of Food and Civil Supplies, he had cracked down on illegal hoarding of rice. There were reports that he was preparing to expose corruption in the government.  Not just that, Anurag had transformed the backward district Bidar when he was the deputy commissioner over there. He has been credited with the reviving the Karez or Surang Bavi, medieval era underground aqueduct. Not just that he also revived the 110 tanks ensuring a good water source for the district.