We respect Raheem and Christ. Do they respect, Ram too: Minister Hegde

First Published 12, Sep 2017, 5:05 PM IST
I dont want fake principles Ananthakumar Hegde
  • Union Minister for Skills Development Ananthakumar Hegde said he does not believe in fake principles
  • Religion and nation should not be looked upon with prejudices, one has to look at everything from a broad perspective
  • BJP will definitely win the next election, Yeddyurappa will be the chief minister and in Uttar Kannada, BJP will win all seats 

“We respect Raheem and Jesus and treat members of those communities as brothers and sisters. Do they also have the same feeling towards Hindus? Do they worship Rama as they worship Raheem? Will they worship Krishna as they worship Christ,” asked Union Minister for Skill Development Ananthakumar Hegde, reports Kannada Prabha.

Speaking at a special interview for Suvarna News, sister-concern of Kannada Prabha, Ananthakumar Hegde said he has no necessity to connect with fake principles. “Our thoughts, thousands of year old traditional doctrines have clarity and we have adopted that in our lives. Do they consider the intellectual principles like us? We respect Raheem and Jesus, treat those communities are brothers and sisters. Do they worship Rama and Krishna? In this issue they are the ones who need to change, not us” he said.

BJP and RSS are blamed for some or the other issues. One has to look at everything from a broad perspective. Religion and nation should not be looked upon with prejudices. It is possible to create a beautiful society only by understanding the heritage and history of the nation. Ours is a family system that is inclusive of all. Our aim is to respect that, he said.

"Defending the migration of other party members to the BJP, he said it was not possible to ally with ideology in politics but sometimes for practical purposes, it is inevitable. Compromise in ideology is irksome. When others come into the party, they don’t come with hundred per cent acceptance of party ideology. They have to be educated over a period of time. The organisation has that capabilities. BJP will definitely win the next election in Karnataka with Yeddyurappa leading us," Hegde hoped.