Hoax bomb call to Vidhana Soudha lands man in police custody

First Published 13, Sep 2017, 9:07 AM IST
Hoax bomb call lands man in police custody
  • Youth arrested for making hoax bomb call at Vidhana Soudha and Nehru planetarium
  • They detained Nagaraj but found out that it was not him but Sridhar who had made the call
  • One of the arrested is a cab driver

A youth from Maddur was arrested by the Vidhana Soudha police for making a hoax call that a bomb was going to be planted in Vidhana Soudha and Nehru planetarium, reports Kannada Prabha.

Sridhar (22) a second PUC dropout was residing at Peenya and would collect money from job aspirants promising them employment. He had cheated various unemployed youth in Mysuru and Mandya to the tune of Rs 5 lakh. His room was next to a photo studio in Peenya. He befriended one photographer Nagaraj and convinced him that he knew high officials in the government and he could get Nagaraj a government job. Nagaraj had a friend Suresh, an engineer was working in a private company but was looking out for better opportunities. To help his friend, Nagaraj introduced Suresh to Sridhar, who assured the latter a job in RTO and took Rs 60,000 as advance from him. But after three months, when there were no signs of an appointment both Nagaraj and Suresh asked Sridhar to return the money. Sridhar returned Rs 30,000 in three instalments. On Sept 10, Suresh threatened Sridhar that if he does not return the balance, he would complain to the police. Sridhar gave him a laptop that he had with him and escaped.

However, Sridhar was angry that Suresh had threatened to lodge a police complaint. He wanted to take revenge on Suresh and Nagaraj. He called up Namma 100, police control room at 12.30 pm on Monday and said his name was Suresh and one Nagaraj was planting a bomb at Vidhana Soudha and Nehru planetarium and he gave them their phone number of Nagaraj.

After the police found out that it was a hoax call, the police detained Nagaraj and found that it was Sridhar who had made the call, because Sridhar had made the call from his mobile.

After making the call Sridhar had switched off his phone and got on to a bus to Chitradurga. But he was switching the mobile on now and then. Tracking the call record, the police located him at Maddur and arrested him.