Here is the reality behind Challenging Star Darshan getting the 'British Parliament award'

First Published 31, Oct 2017, 6:25 PM IST
Here is the reality behind Challenging Star Darshan getting the British Parliament award
  • Challenging Star Darshan being awarded Global Integrity Award came under the media scanner as it was projected as Global Diversity Award
  • This was termed as an insult to the actor, but neither the actor not anyone from family had clarified on the issue
  • Now, Darshan's manager has spoken out about the award and has said that the state has not been insulted

Challenging Star Darshan made big news when it was announced that he was to get the prestigious Global Diversity Award from the Great Britain Parliament. However, the hype was short-lived as he had not got the Diversity Award by the Britain Parliament, but it was Global Integrity Award given away by the Kannada association in the Great Britain.

The actor and his side had kept quiet even when there were allegations that the actor has been insulted and misled by the Kannada association there.

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Here is what Darshan has  to say about the award:

But after over a week, the star's manager Mallikarjun has spoken out. He has said that it was not an insult on the actor nor was his service used by the Kannada association there.

"Darshan knew which award he was going to take. He was informed about it earlier. Yes, the Global Diversity Award is special and prestigious, but even the Global Integrity Award is a prominent one. Henceforth this award will be given by the Association to a Kannadiga every year."

This award received by Darshan was distributed by London Karnataka Board of Commerce. Darshan's Manager Mallikarjun has clarified that the star has not been insulted in any way.