The meeting held between the Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and private doctors ended with a positive note as the later has decided to withdraw protest.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, along with Health Minister Ramesh Kumar announced the same in the press conference. "We have no intention of harassing the doctors. We just aim at  providing quality health services to the people. We had explained the condition to the doctors. We had decided to pass the motion but later decided to give it to the joint select commission committee (including members of both the houses and leaders from all parties). Doctors have expressed doubts and fear about the KPME Amendment Bill. In the meeting held on November 12 with doctors representatives, tried to clear their doubts. I had told them that the bill will be tabled only after talks with them. I have clarified the doubts of the doctors and have also agreed to make some changes. This bill will be introduced in the Assembly on Monday," he said.

Indian Medical Association President Dr Ravidndra stated that their doubts have been cleared. No need of any discussion, he added.

Private doctors  will resume work from tomorrow after five days of close-down (expect for emergency services). The Basavaraj, Lawyer representing the private practitioners has told the High Court that the doctors have withdrawn their protest. Thus soon, with changes, KPME Bill will be tabled in the Belagavi session.

According to sources, CM Siddaramaiah has agreed to make some amendments in the KPME Amendment Bill and has convinced the private doctors and medical establishments.

The discussion was mainly held about the clause that the doctors will be imprisoned for negligence. Now the likely changes are that a notice will be served to the doctor responsible and later if no action is taken the hospital might lose the license.

Sources also stated that the CM asked the private practitioners not to demand withdrawal of the Bill. Instead he told them to explain what do they are the loopholes in the Bill. Let us solve the problem by talk, CM is said to have told.

It can be remembered that the High Court had heard the PIL by the private doctors and had taken them to task for causing the death of so many people in the state.  

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The high Court also had directed the Advocate General (AG) to have a meeting with the government and get their stand on the matter by 4.30 PM.

With both the parties coming to consensus, it looks like the doctors will resume work as soon as possible and more lives will not be lost.

In another important warning, the court had said that if the problem is not solved, the court will have to take action on the doctors. "If private doctors do not withdraw protest the court will have to take strict action against the doctors," the High Court had said.

But however, who should be held responsible for almost 40 deaths in the state - the adamant government or the adamant private doctors? Sadly, on the fifth day of the strike (November 17) itself 10 deaths have been reported from various parts of the state.

The meeting was led by CM Siddaramaiah along with Health Minister Ramesh Kumar, Law Minister TB Jayachandra and the representatives of private doctors.