High Court Commissioner and police officials who went to issue notice against illegal slaughter house were assaulted by a group of over 200 at Dodda Betta Halli near Yelahanka on Tuesday evening, reported Kannada Prabha.

This comes on the heels of assault of a woman animal rights activist who was trying to stop cows being taken to slaughter house.  The High Court had appointed two lawyers as Commissioners on Oct 10 to investigate and report to HC about illegal slaughter houses.  

They were tipped off that 25 to 30 cattle were being tied in a shed and some 3 to 4 containers with cattle were also brought to be slaughtered.   Prasanna and Harish, HC commissioners along with a team went to the spot. HC lawyer Rachaiah, two woman members of an NGO Go Gyan Foundation and 4 police personnel were with them.  They found that the cattle were tied up in a compound and around 200 meters away in a car shed cows were being slaughtered.  The garage was locked from outside. But they heard the animals screaming. The police climbed on top of the garage and found that they were being slaughtered.

The team got ready to break open the lock. Meanwhile women started assembling and soon there were over 200 in number. The police and the lawyers tried to convince the crowd that they would not trouble them but to open the lock. 

The women did not agree for that and all of a sudden started assaulting the NGO women members.  Immediately the police intervened and escorted them into the car and were ready to go. Meanwhile in the other car Prasanna and Harish were travelling. A two wheeler ahead of the car slowed down the car and people started hitting the car and broke the glass.

On the road the team encountered a Hoysala jeep who took the two women from NGO to Yelahanka police station.  Seemantahkumar Singh, additional police commissioner said a team led by commissioner had gone to the spot. A group tried to assault them. Nobody is hurt. Police vehicle has been damaged. A case has been booked and action has been taken to arrest the culprits.