The State Government is contemplating regularising 7000 acres of ‘B’ Kharab land encroached in the City limits.  It has been found that during a survey carried out by Bengaluru district administration to evict encroached B Kharab land around limit limits, the actual B Kharab land encroached is 7000 acres. The district administration will soon start evicting the encroachers.

Meanwhile, the State Government is also contemplating regularising these lands if the encroachers pay the prevailing guideline rates. If this is implemented, the State Government will get revenue of Rs 2 lakh crores. , reported Kannada Prabha.

The City administration has been continuously carrying out eviction of encroached government lands since 4 years. A survey was conducted to identify encroached B Kharab lands and it was found that it amounted to 7954 acres.  Majority of the encroachers are land tillers who have constructed buildings on the lands. Those who have got the lands converted have also encroached on the B Kharab lands while constructing buildings.

The district administration has to start the eviction drive immediately. Hence, if the encroachers are willing to pay it can be regularised, DC V Shankar told Kannada Prabha.  According to him there is provision under Karnataka Land Act 1964 section 68(1) and 68 (5) to regularise B Kharab lands.

The district administration will regularise the 6954 acres of B Kharab lands in 5 taluks by imposing fee as her the guidelines rates.  If the encroachers come forward to regularise their lands it will fetch revenue of Rs 2 lakh crores to the government.

According to a report of a committee headed by former legislator A T Ramaswamy there are still 240 acres of B Kharab lands yet to be surveyed. After the survey of encroachment is completed action will be taken said V Shankar, Bengaluru Urban DC.

B Kharab lands are those portion of lands that are meant for public utility like grasslands for cattle grazing, grave yards, Raja Kaluve, passageway etc. During land conversion if people construct houses on such lands, they are still considered as B Kharab lands and the government can acquire them at any time without issuing any notice in advance said tahsildar of implementation squad N M Prashanth.