Chief Minister Siddaramaiah mentioned in the Assembly that during the BJP-JD(S) coalition government in State, when a ban on arrack lwas imposed, the then deputy chief minister Yeddyurappa had opposed it. This led to a heated argument and allegations and counter allegations resulting in total chaos. BJP members got down to the well of the Assembly demanding to remove Siddaramaiah’s statement from the record. The Speaker ruled in favour of Siddaramaiah adding fuel to the fire. The BJP members sat in protest and the Speaker had to adjourn the session twice. Finally, the Speaker changed his ruling and assured that if any objectionable words were used by the CM, it would be removed and the BJP members withdrew their dharna, reports Kannada Prabha.

All this started when BJP MLA CT Ravi urged to impose liquor prohibition in the State as poor were getting addicted. Responding to this, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said the earlier coalition government had banned arrack, which is doing more harm than help. The poor are spending more than before on alcohol, which is causing a loss to them as well as the State exchequer. On the other hand, liquor ban also increased corruption. Currently, the State government is not proposing liquor ban. However, during coalition government the then deputy chief minister Yeddyurappa had opposed arrack ban, he said.

Immediately, Opposition leader Jagadish Shettar alleged that Siddaramaiah was telling a lie and being a CM he should not lie and demanded that the Speaker should remove his statement from the record. Responding to this, Siddaramaiah defended saying "Why should I lie, it is the characteristics of BJP.  Kumaraswamy was the CM then, who is present here, ask him." JD(S) MLA YSV Datta said Kumaraswamy is saying it is true that Yeddyurappa had opposed ban on arrack.

Earlier, when Shettar was adamant that Siddaramaiah must take back his words Siddaramaiah slammed him saying “You are not cultured. You call State government as a killer government, Have you heard how your Ananth Kumar Hegde speaks? You are barbaric”

Shettar got very angry with this and demanded that Siddaramaiah was using unparliamentary words and Speaker should remove all such words used by him. At this juncture,  heavy argument ensued between the ruling government and Opposition. Siddaramaiah and Shettar got engaged in a fierce argument. CM defended that his words were appropriate. Then Speaker ruled that no unparliamentary words were used. This led to BJP members walking to the well of the Assembly and staging a dharna. The session was adjourned for 10 minutes.

Again when it was resumed, Shettar alleged that the ruling Party was intentionally creating trouble as it has no intentions of holding the Assembly. The session was adjourned for post lunch. In the afternoon when the session resumed, the Speaker adjourned for 10 minutes and called for talks. Then he stated that any unparliamentary words would be removed and after this assurance, BJP members withdrew their agitation.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah stated that if the Central Government forms a national policy to completely ban liquor in the country, the State government would support it. He quoted the instances of Gujarat and Bihar where though prohibition is imposed, sale of liquor has not stopped completely. If the BP legislators can bring pressure on PM Modi and impose prohibition in the country, State would support, he said.