Gauri Lankesh murder to be investigated from 4 angles

First Published 7, Sep 2017, 3:39 PM IST
Gauri Lankesh killing  To be investigated from 4 angles
  • SIT to investigate the killing of journalist activist Gauri Lankesh in four angles.
  • Two SPs, 4 DySPs and 14 inspectors, all together 21 officials will form the SIT
  • CCTV footage at Gauri's house shows a man between 25 and 28 years with a height of about 5.4, shooting her.
  • The man wearing a jerkin, bag and a helmet is seen entering Gauri’s house gate and firing at her.

The State government has constituted a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate into the killing of journalist activist Gauri Lankesh. The investigations will be conducted from 4 dimensions, reported Kannada Prabha. Intellectual dissent, Naxal agitation, agitation against corruption and personal issues are the 4 angles that police are looking into. Until now the police have not found any lead said senior police officials to Kannada Prabha.

The Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has considered this incident very seriously and on Wednesday he announced that instead of CID the investigations would be conducted by SIT.  Accordingly, an SIT was formed by evening and announced by State Police IG Roopak Kumar Dutta. The SIT will be headed by IGP B K Singh. DCP West M N Anuchet will be working as the chief investigating officer of the SIT. Two SPs, 4 DySPs and 14 inspectors, all together 21 officials will form the SIT.

Gauri Lankesh propagated strong Leftist ideology and wrote extensively on progressive issues. She had taken to the streets to fight against communal riot. She also had come under strong criticism for her intellectual stand. She can be described as the most trolled journalist in the social media.  Recently she openly declared support to Kanhayya who had run into controversy by allegedly raising sedition slogans. She had invited him home and hosted him.  A group strongly criticised her for this. Hence the police are looking into the angle of ideological differences attracting the attack.

Gauri Lankesh had played a major role in persuading some Naxals to surrender and return to mainstream. Some Naxals were unhappy with her move.  That could be a reason for an attack on her. Naxal agitation was slowly gaining momentum in Karnataka, after Andhra Pradesh. By persuading the Naxals to surrender, Gauri Lankesh had proved detrimental to the Naxal movement, it was alleged. Hence they could have killed Gauri.

Gauri Lankesh had daringly published several write ups exposing corruption. Several politicians and real estate entrepreneurs were angry with Gauri. May be somebody must have given Supari to kill her.  Information from this angle is also being collected.

There is also a personal angled being looked into. Land and financial issues are also being investigated. However, until now no information has been obtained said senior officials.

The police have confiscated the CCTV footages in the area of the spot and inspected them. A man around 25 to 28 years of age with a height of about 5.4 ft is wearing a jerkin, bag and a helmet is seen entering Gauri’s house gate and firing at her.  However, the quality of the footage is not very good. The police are trying to develop the footage.

Gauri Lankesh is seen opening the door and on seeing a stranger coming into the gate she has moved towards him talking but he removed a pistol and aimed at her. She got scared and tried to run into the house but the man continuously fires standing at the gate.  As the first 4 bullets hit the wall he goes close to her and hits her chest twice. She falls down. He goes closer to her and shoots one more time that enters her abdomen. He runs out from the gate. The entire incident takes about 13 seconds.

The CCTV has not captured how he escaped. Eye witnesses said his associate was ready riding a white Honda Activa scooter and they both escaped.

Meanwhile at New Delhi, KPCC vice-president Rahul Gandhi has made a serious allegation that Prime Minister Modi is an experienced politician and sometimes issues statements under pressure. But his primary idea is to supress dissent. Anybody speaking against BJP or RSS will be subjected to assault and pressure tactics or even killed, Rahul is said to have told.

Responding strongly to Rahul Gandhi’s comments, Union Minister and senior BJP leader Nitin Gadkari has denied any connection between Gauri Lankesh’s killing and Central Government or BJP or any organisation connected to it.  He alleged that AICC president Sonia Gandhi and vice-president Rahul Gandhi are leveling false allegation against BJP.