Gauri Lankesh killing: Suspected killer made three rounds to her residence on his bike on Sept 5

First Published 13, Sep 2017, 9:39 AM IST
gauri lankesh killing SIT officials CCTV footage killer on bikes
  • The CCTV footage has captured the killer's fierce gaze through the helmet and it is hoped that it might give the police some clue
  • The police suspect that the killers may have abandoned the vehicle after gunning down Gauri
  • Gauri Lankesh was killed on September 5

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) officials who are racking their brains to solve the killing of journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh have reportedly found that a biker had made frequent trips to Gauri's residence road - RR Nagar - on the day she was killed. Besides, the CCTV footage shows the killer's sharp gaze through the helmet and the police suspect that he must have been intimidating a construction labourer who reportedly came out when he heard the gun shots. It was earlier reported that construction labourers were staying near Gauri's residence.

According to Vijay Karnataka, the CCTV footage show that on the day of Gauri's killing - September 5 - a suspect had made a recce of Gauri's residence on bike at 3 pm, 7.15 pm and it was the same bike that came at 8 pm to kill Gauri, reports Vijay Karnataka, quoting the police.

Another CCTV footage shows the bike stopped near the house when Gauri's car came. One of the riders got down, and the other was on the bike with the ignition on. As the killer shot at Gauri, a dog from nearby site came barking. Also, a construction worker came rushing to see the commotion. However, he stood near his door reportedly intimidated by the sharp gaze of the killer. Post 20 seconds, the bikers fled the scene, reports Vijay Karnataka.

The SIT sleuths believe that the killers may not have escaped with the bike. They suspect that the killers may have abandoned the vehicle after the police issued nakabandi at all the entry and exit points of the city, after Gauri's murder. SIT investigating officer DCP Anucheth has asked the people to alert the police on any abandoned bikes.

The SIT officials also suspect that the killers of Gauri Lankesh and Dr MM Kalaburagi may not be the same. For, the one who gunned Dr Kalaburagi had killed him at point blank, but this killer had attacked Gauri from a distance. Even the bullets pumped into Gauri indicate that the killer may not be a professional killer.

As many as 70 officials are working day and night to find the culprits of Gauri Lankesh killing.