Five challenges that Bengalureans expect the new mayor to tackle, right now

First Published 28, Sep 2017, 10:13 AM IST
Five challenges that Bengalureans expect the new mayor tackle right now
  • Congress Councillor from DJ Halli R Sampath Raj is likely to be the new Mayor
  • Bengalureans expect the new mayor to tackle the challenges that the city is grappling with head-on
  • The tenure of the new mayor will be for one year

Once hailed as Garden City and 'pensioner's paradise', Bengaluru is now infamous as 'garbage city', 'pothole city' and perhaps, many more. Bengalureans would cringe to associate their favourite city with these tags, but that's what the ineffective civic agency has reduced the city too. With the BBMP getting a new Mayor today, Bengalureans hope that the new mayor will give an image make-over to the city and bring back its 'lost' glory.

Here's what Bengalureans want the new Mayor to fix

Garbage, an eyesore

Successive mayors have failed to address the garbage issue in the city. Although the efforts have been made to collect and segregate, the BBMP still grapples with the issue of dumping. The city can never go through the 'Mandur revolt' again. The new mayor needs to evolve holistic measures to address the waste matter.



Potholes are threat to life

Except for the roads in the Central business district, potholes dot most stretches in the city. As per the record the City has 4,900 and potholes. With the City receiving incessant rainfall in the last two days, the number would have gone northwards. This is the clear reflection of shoddy work by the BBMP contractors. Unless the new Mayor cracks down on them, potholes will continue to threaten Bengalureans.

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Will we ever see Bellandur clean?

The frothing of Bellandur lake has caused many dents to the image of the City. The State government has already attracted the wrath of the National Green Tribunal, and yet, it has not been able to come up with a solution to fix this. The only solace that the BBMP is offering now is sprinklers. But this too remains ineffective whenever the City receives heavy rain.


Illegal encroachments

The new Mayor will have the task of clearing illegal encroachments, especially on the stormwater drains. Looking at the  deluge that the City has been suffering after every rain, the new Mayor must ensure that the city will never have to deal with it, at least in the next monsoon. 

Traffic bottlenecks

Traffic woes are never-ending in the City. Even after the Metro, traffic problems have not come down in the City as it would still take some years before Metro covers all parts of the city. After the much controversial steel bridge was pulled off, the BBMP is now planning to build the flyover at the Shivananda junction. The traffic density on Marathalli junction, Silk Board junction, Airport Road and KR Puram circle have already brought bad reputation to the City. Bengalureans expect the new mayor to tackle these challenges, head-on.