Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Govinda Karajola’s son Arun has allegedly abused and insulted a police constable for questioning the traffic rules violation, at Mudhol on July 16.

When Arun parked his car at a no parking area, a police constable Mallesh Lamani asked him not to park the vehicle. Angered by his warning, Arun has reportedly abused the constable with odious language and this has driven the traffic police to take his followers to the police station.

Later, Arun reportedly called the police constable over the phone and abused him with foul language.

An audio clip of Arun Karjol abusing constable Lamani has gone viral now. In the audio, Arun Karjol can be heard using curses against Lamani for carrying out his duty. Following this incident, Mudhol police registered an FIR against Arun Karjol.

Traffic police also filed a case against Arun for obstructing the police from discharging their duties and using foul language. The case was registered against Arun from a complaint by constable Mallesh Lamani.

After Congress MLA NA Haris son's high-handedness, Mudhol BJP legislator Govind Karjol's son is now in the news for all the wrong reasons.