Thousands of teary-eyed people gathered at Kyatanahalli to pay their last respects to farmers leader and MLA Puttannaiah. The final rites were performed with government respect. He was buried beside the grave of his parents.

Covered with a green shawl, which represents agriculture and farmers issues, mud from 30 districts was brought by farmers to pay respects to their favourite leader. Apart from his family, even people who gathered there were inconsolable. Puttannaiah's friend and Congress leader was seen bursting into tears when he paid his last respects.

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Meanwhile, a report of an ardent fan of Puttannaiah allegedly committed suicide, not able to bear the loss of the leader.

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The last rites were performed, and Puttannaiah was buried at his farm in his native place  Kyatanahalli in Mandya.

He was one leader, who did not have any enemies. Loved by all, Puttannaiah did not spare any political party or leaders when it came to the matter of farmers and their preferences. He was fighting for the cause of farmers and has played an important role in getting manuu benefits for farmers.

He was buried amidst slogans of Puttanna Amar Rahe from the people. 

Puttannaiah met a fatal end due to a severe cardiac arrest on February 19, while he was watching a Kabaddi match in Mandya.