A young farmer dejected after repeatedly being turned down by parents unwilling to get their daughters married to him for being a farmer has come up with a unique plan. He sought help from the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) of Karnataka to find a bride and get them married. 


The Chairperson of SHRC, Meera C Saksena came across this demand at the grievance meet on Thursday, March 16. According to the Bangalore Mirror report the young farmer requested Meera Saksena to find a suitable girl for him and get them married as ‘you are like my mother and it is for this reason I am requesting you’. 


The farmer from Chitradurga said that before turning to the human rights panel, he also went to leaders and seers to seek help to find a wife.


At the grievance meet, the surprised chairperson could only say that such matters have never been taken up at the grievance meets. The deputy commissioner, MK Srirangaiah, said that he would help the farmer find a bride only if he willing to marry girl belonging to any community.  


However, the farmer wants to marry a girl only from within his community. Srirangaiah was quoted by the Bangalore Mirror as saying that the farmer looks to be ‘mentally disturbed’.