The Cover Story team of the Suvarna News has found that most of the tankers providing drinking water to people source the water from drainages. In her finding, Vijayalakshmi Shibaroor states that this water might pose a threat to your health and in extreme cases might even result in serious health issues. 


These tanker owners sink borewell just next to the drains, lakes, streams filled with dirt and filth and are sullying the water to the apartments, hotels, PGs and other places.


The experts have said that consuming the water of the borewell which is situated next to a contaminated water body is dangerous to health. The mafia distributing drainage water to the people are also charging people from Rs 500 to Rs 2000 per tanker.


Surprisingly, the corporators, MLAs are not taking any action against these tanker mafia owners as they happen to be connected to the people in power, alleges the investigative team. Thus, next time before purchasing water from the tankers try to find out the source of the water.