On April 25, pourakarmikas of Sri Ram Mandir ward got a shock of their lives when they saw a dead rat floating in the sambar served to them in their mid-day meal. This meal is stored in a small size room next to the ward office located at Vatal Nagari Road. 

The workers then had to buy food from an eatery nearby, and on the next day, they refused to have the pulav and raitha sent by food suppliers. 

However, the city mayor’s reaction to this incident is even more shocking who reportedly said that it was a small rodent. 

According to the Times of India report, the pourakarmikas complained about this incident to their corporator, Deepa Nagesh, who addressed the issue at the BBMP council meet on April 26. The corporator confirmed that the workers contacted her after the incident who immediately alerted the higher officials. However, no official visited the ward centre where the incident happened; the TOI quoted her as saying. 

Meanwhile, mayor G Padmavathi stated that it was not during the cooking stage but during the transport that the rat must have got inside the sambar and that the authorities are looking into the matter, the daily quoted her.

This is the second time when a dead rat has been served to these workers. About a month back, a rat was found inside the vessel used for storing Bisi Bele Bath for pourakarmikas.