I was going nowhere in life. With all my friends working towards their career goals and me stuck with a diploma certificate in electronics with below average scores, I could see no way out. Three months of sitting idle at home occasionally looking for jobs which suited my profile did not help.

Because of my poor scores, having ‘only a diploma’ and no pre-university education, my chances looked bleak. That is when I decided to do things unconventionally. 

Four years ago, a friend brought me in contact with an agent who dealt in fake marks cards from unknown but registered universities. I paid him Rs 40,000 to take the marks cards of three academic years from him a month after the payment. I opted for a Bachelor of Computer Applications certificate from Manav Bharti University, a private university in Solan, Himachal Pradesh. The agent had a reputation of providing foolproof certificates with the help of which people joined government jobs, gained promotions and have also gone abroad.

They even included my results on the Internet so that nobody could question its veracity.

The kingpin of the racket is now a politician and the president of a farmer’s rights association. The man has also opened a private college in Mangalore where one does not have to attend classes and can pay to write the exams. He also has a similar institution in Kottigepalya, Bengaluru where, in the guise of a registered correspondence college, the man is running a marks card racket. 

However, other options opened up in my life. I’ve never had to use the marks cards and chose a path where I don’t have to in the future.

I realised the folly of my actions and decided to steer away from having ever to use those certificates again.

I now lead a life of hard work and determination and will strive to do so forever.