But police claim that Ramesh was beaten black and blue by the public before he was brought to the police station. Despite doctors treating him, he breathed his last, say the police.


According to the police, Ramesh found Praveen, a private firm employee, walking alone at Nagawara junction. He approached Praveen and requested him to lend his phone to make an emergency call. Believing him, Praveen gave his phone to Ramesh. Soon, Ramesh escaped with Praveen’s phone. Praveen quickly raised an alarm and passersby caught Ramesh and thrashed him. He climbed up a hoarding to save himself from the angry crowd.


Sampigehalli police were informed, and they coaxed Ramesh to come down.


He was taken to the police station. During the interrogation, he complained of breathlessness and was taken to Yelahanka hospital where doctors declared he was alright. He was brought back to the hospital. After sometime, he collapsed in the station. He was soon rushed to the hospital but breathed his last in the hospital, claim the police.


But the family members of Ramesh are not ready to buy police's version and are insisting on CID inquiry.


"We have followed the guidelines issued by the National Human Rights Commission. We have transferred the matter to CID," said Additional Police Commissioner Hemanth Nimbalkar.


Defending their position, a police officer claimed that the police have video record of Ramesh on the hoarding and police asking him to come down. Besides, the interrogation too has been recorded, which will be submitted to the CID, said the officer, who did not want to be named.