Shivalingas at the historical monuments in Chitradurga have become a hotbed for treasure hunters. The treasure hunters break the Shivalingas in the hopes of finding valuables within them.

The latest addition to the treasure hunters’ target are the Shivalingas of Dhavalappana Gudda.

A majority of the 21 Shivalingas in the hillock were broken using iron rods. The defaced Shivalingas were first noticed by journalists and walkers.

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) officer Girish told The New Indian Express that the monuments including the pre-historic paintings at the Chandravalli range of hillocks do not fall under the purview of the ASI, but they are trying to take custody of them. He also said the Department of Archaeology and Museums are not ready to hand over the monuments to ASI.

Girish said that since the monuments do not come under the purview of ASI, they can do nothing about it.

Historian B Rajashekharappa said to TNIE, “Dhavalappana Gudda is the place where Kadamba dynasty’s Mayura Varma pledged to set up the first Kannada kingdom. The Shivalingas were worshipped by him regularly, and there is sufficient proof for this.”