Software employee Geethanjali (27) committed suicide by jumping from the tenth floor of Optical Network Company in Cesna Tech Park because she was depressed that her parents got her engaged to a man against her wishes said Marattahalli police, reported Kannada Prabha.

The police seized her mobile phone and investigated which gave the clue. Her parents had stated that they did not know why she committed suicide and did not suspect anybody.  When the police pressed the parents had refused to say anything more.

The police had sent Geethanjali’s mobile phone to the Forensic Lab which revealed a lot of clues. She had gone to her native Goa by taking 2 days leave and on the same night her engagement was conducted against her wishes.  She reluctantly exchanged the rings but was not happy. The next day was her birthday but she did not feel like celebrating and hence cancelled her leave and returned to Bengaluru.

Her colleagues had chatted with her on Whatsapp on Monday and teased her about her engagement. Her friend had asked “So you went to meet the boy. Is he the one you showed?” for that Geethanjalai had replied “yes”.  Another colleague had said “double bonus” meaning engagement and birthday. For that also she had just said “yes.”

She was not enthusiastic about the engagement and may be it pushed her to take the extreme step, suspect police.