The Upper House has approved the State Government’s bill to implement public safety measures making it mandatory to install CCTV cameras at temples, schools, collages, hospitals, industries and various other commercial establishments. In case of violators the government can issue notice and shut down the institution, reported Kannada Prabha.

Now that the bill has been approved in both houses of the legislature, the bill become an Act after due signature by the Governor.

Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy tabled the bill stating private individuals must install CCTV cameras to control crime and terrorist acts at private places where crowd could gather at private places and also at crowded public places.

BBMP, Municipality and at commercial establishments and places identified by the government time to time where more than 100 people can gather CCTV must be installed compulsorily.  CCTV must be installed within 3 months from the date of issue of the order failing which in the first month Rs 5000 fine and in the second month Rs 10,000 fine will be imposed.  If CCTV is not installed after that the place will be shut down. The recorded footages must be preserved for 30 days.

The Opposition expressed strong protest to this bill. JD(S) MLA Ramesh Babu, Srikantaiah and independent Basana Gowda Patil Yatnal said this gives another opportunity for police to take bribe.  The police already making money by collecting “haftas” and now they will have one more reason to be corrupt.

However, Congrress members V S Ugrappa, Ivan DeSouza and Dr Jayamala supported the bill stating in cases where children were subjected to sexual harassment and murders the same BJP had questioned why CCTV was not installed. All safety measures must be welcomed. Ramalinga Reddy said the investigating agency is also from the police department. In Bengaluru there are 5 lakh CCTV installed by private persons and institutions. Hence the bill must be approved. After this the bill was approved.