The State Cabinet has approved the Kambala bill, as per the approval given by the President for Kambala and other sports involving animals and the amendment to Karnataka Land Reforms Act to provide revenue villages status to the SC ST Colonies will be tabled at the Belagavi session.

Law Minister T B Jayachandra informed this to the news persons after the Cabinet meeting on Thursday. The Karnataka Prevention of Cruelty to Animals amendment Act was submitted to the President for signature, for legal snags if any regarding Kambala and other sports involving animals. The President of India has already signed it giving his approval and the Cabinet also has approved it.  It will be soon tabled at the legislative assembly and will be passed reported Kannada Prabha.

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The Karnataka Land Reforms Act has also been signed by the President and the Cabinet has also approved, to convert over 58,000 Haadi, Hatti, Tanda and such other habitats, built before 1979, by the agriculture labourers, into revenue villages. This also will be tabled at the session and will be passed as an Act.