Well if you have made any holiday plans and to travel out of the city for the long holiday starting from Friday due to Ganesh Chaturthi, the weekend rush may dampen your spirits.

The long-distance and interstate buses with all the tourist bus operators have witnessed heavy booking, and almost all the buses are booked, and the tickets to places like Hyderabad, Chennai and Thiruvananthapuram are sold out. And if you have made any plans to hop onto train service, you will be left stranded as there is the similar situation with train service. Realising the demand, the bus transport companies are set to press more buses into service

As a tradition, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation will put in additional busses, close to about 300 to 500 buses, but the tickets may cost a bomb, and the situation with private transport firms is no different.

According to tickets details available on the respective websites, there is a sharp increase when compared to regular days.  The one-way ticket to Hyderabad in private costs Rs 1,496 to 1,995. Similarly travelling to Chennai from Bengaluru on Thursday evening will cost Rs 897 to 1,200. Thiruvananthapuram tickets in private bus will cost Rs 1,746, and for Goa, the rates are priced between Rs 1,710 to 2,493.

There is not much difference in state-owned KSRTC as their rates are almost similar and marginally lower by about Rs 100 to 400.

"We know there will be more demand this Thursday as there will be back-to-back holidays due to Ganesh Chaturthi on Friday. Public who have family and friends in other States usually wait for long holidays, and we do not want to create inconvenience, and hence the KSRTC will be running extra buses," said a senior KSRTC official.