In a filmy style occurrence a BSF soldier who was on the verge of getting married for the 4th time was stopped by his first wife in the nick of time, reported Kannada Prabha.

Shivananju, a soldier with Border Security Force, son of Shivanne Gowda of Lakkikuppe village in K R Nagara, was getting married at Yoga Narasimha temple at Vijayanagara, when his first wife Varalakshmi rushed to the spot with her relatives and showed photographs of their wedding and also Shivananju marrying two more girls. The wedding was stopped.

Varalakshmi was married to Shivananju in 2007. When she was pregnant he sent her to her parents’ house and did not come for 2 years.   He had married one Shwetha from Saligrama meanwhile and that marriage had failed.  Then he had married one Asharani from Kanagalu village and that also had failed. In 2009 Varalakshmi had filed a case in court against Shivananju.

The VIjayanagara police arrived at the spot and brought the situation under control.