Brave girl averts robbery, molestation by fighting robber

First Published 5, Sep 2017, 2:02 PM IST
Brave girl averts robbery molestation by fighting robber
  • The woman was sleeping in her room when the robber sneaked in and started touching her face.
  • She woke up to a realisation that someone was pulling off her blanket.
  • When she tried shouting for help, the accused threatened her with a knife.

A 22-year-old woman would have been easily inhibited by the robber who sneaked into her house, locked her parents in their room and attempted to molest her, after looting mobiles and other accessories. Although armed with a knife, the girl did not lose her ground and hit the man between his legs and got him off guard. 

C Lavanya said that she realised that somebody was pulling her blanket off and touching her face. When she opened her eyes, she found a man in red and white-striped T-shirt standing over her. His face was half covered. When she tried to shout for help, the man immediately shut her up showing her his knife. 

She further said that the man had been to her parents' room first and had stolen some valuables but did not harm them. On exiting the room, he made sure that he locked their room from the outside and then headed toward her room and woke her up. 

He was in terrible pain when the victim hit him in between the legs. However, unsure whether he was still inside the house, she continued shouting for help and ran outside her room only to find that her parents' room was locked from outside. She unlocked their room. The parents had no idea as to what had transpired. 

The victim then called the police control room and reported the incident. An investigating officer said, "Not shaken by the presence of the robber, the victim bit him on his palm and kicked him between his legs. Unable to bear the pain, the accused threw the knife and ran away. She then came out of her room and saw the light in the hall was on. She found that the door to her parent’s room was locked from the outside."

Speaking to the Bangalore Mirror,  he further added,"Contents of the victim’s hand bag and vanity bag were all scattered on the sofa. The accused managed to get away with three mobile phones from the house. The victim has stated that the accused was wearing a t-shirt with red and white stripes and shorts. He had even covered half of his face with a kerchief. However, the victims were not sure if the main doors was locked."

Police has registered a case of assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty (IPC 354), house theft (IPC 380) and house trespass (IPC 448). While investigating further into the case, police is investigating the CCTV footage from the vicinity to get clues about the accused.