The never-ending Cauvery dispute which usually would flare up during November and December has started in July itself this year. Tamil Nadu has drinking water problem. It is asking for the last year’s quota pending. It is quoting that Karnataka has received rains and hence must release water.  As far as Cauvery water dispute is concerned, Tamil Nadu will always remain a thorn in the flesh for Karnataka. The applications filed by Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the states in Cauvery basin, is pending before the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal. Supreme Court is hearing them from July 11 on a daily basis.

According to the meteorological predictions State should have received good monsoon this year. But in June it was proved wrong.  Already talks of cloud seeding is on and tenders are being called. In catchment areas of major dams expected rainfall has not been reported. For Karnataka to release water to Tamil Nadu both Karnataka and Kerala should receive good rains. Water from Kabini is being released to Tamil Nadu in a small quantity. From Krishna Raja Sagara reservoir also water is released. The tribunal has specifically mentioned the quantity of water to be released at specific months. State is currently releasing water according to the orders. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had rightly said that if we don’t release water, Tamil Nadu would go to Supreme Court and it has promptly done that. The State has publicly declared that it is releasing 4000 cusec of water daily.

We are living in a federal system and all water disputes must be settled through bilateral talks, amicably. If we do not follow the give and take policy disputes will aggravate. The politicisation of Cauvery water dispute is not conducive to union system. The JD(S) has strongly criticised release of water to Tamil Nadu. It is saying let our dams and tanks fill up first, later water can be released for Tamil Nadu.  BJP is attempting gherao the KRS dam. All such acts are nothing but political stunts for ulterior benefit. The gullible Mandya farmers are instigated to protest, through political game playing. This is not called for in a federal system. Common public must be educated about law, Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal, orders. Such unnecessary protest will only provoke Tamil Nadu more.

How justified is Tamil Nadu in asking for water? Last year itself, Karnataka had convinced the Supreme Court about the dams going empty due to lack of rains. Tamil Nadu is unnecessarily objecting to Mekedatu project and there is a need to educate Tamil Nadu about the project in all details. Since Cauvery is a political issue in Tamil Nadu also, any attempts on the park of Karnataka to educate about Mekedatu will not be successful.  However, going to court for issues that can be sorted by talks is against the federal system.