Eshwarappa as well as Yeddyurappa are all set to put their grievances before the BJP leader. However, Eshwarappa is not particularly happy about the development as he has some reservations about Rao. Last time too when Yeddyurappa and Eshwarappa had fought openly, Rao was assigned to sort the problem, but he did not give much importance to Eshwarappa.

Thus Rao’s visit to Bengaluru is important as it will make one point clear -if the centre cares much about Yeddyurappa or Eshwarappa.

However, Yeddyurappa is all set with the DVD of the meeting where Eshwarappa had called the ‘rebels’ of BJP and had openly spoken against Yeddyurappa’s leadership. He has many complaints listed against Eshwarappa and RSS leader Santosh, who is said to be supporting Eshwarappa.

Eshwarappa had recently even said that he was the right candidate for chief minister’s post and Yeddyurappa was a liability on the party.

On Friday, Yeddyurappa had sacked BJP staffer Mallikarjuna on charges of helping print the documents, invites for the contentious meeting convened by Eshwarappa.

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Who is Santosh?

Santosh is an RSS leader, who currently does not have any position in BJP. Once Yeddyurappa’s friend is said to be the reason behind his downfall. Santosh is said to be trying his best to provoke leaders in the party against Yeddyurappa.

Though the reason for the fallout between the two friends is not known, this is told as the motivation for him to support Eshwarappa against Yeddyurappa.

But with Rao’s visit on Sunday is believed to make the centre’s stand clear to both the leaders.


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