The BJP  members are suspecting that Vasu was hacked because of his imminent promotion in the ranks.


According to a report in Deccan Chronicle, former Anekal MLA Narayanaswamy when asked about whether they suspect the Congress role in it, replied it was up to the police investigation to find but he added that there was no governance in the Anekal taluk also alleged that 'instead of elected bodies administering them, officials were running them like puppets of the Congress'.


Jayanagar MLA Vijay Kumar recounted how there have been repeated attacks of BJP an RSS activists. He brought in names like Prashanth Nayak, Rudresh and added it was now the turn of Mr Vasu. The MLA alleged that the Home Minister was unfazed and was busy touring the UK at such a time and not much was being done to control the situation.


A day after the murder further reports have been coming on the how the incident happened. A report in the Deccan Herald details how the murder was so brutal his skull was cleaved at the back, and an axe lodged inside his chest. The weapon was removed only at the Victoria Hospital mortuary, where a post mortem was conducted, a police officer said.


Vasu received a call on his phone at 5 am and left soon after. His wife, Zilla Panchayat member  Shailaja, also let in that Vasu had been troubled all night and never mentioned anything to her.


The police are on the lookout for eyewitnesses but they inferred that there were multiple assailants because of the nature of injuries on Vasu's body.