BJP has announced its candidates for the legislative council elections for Southwest, Northeast and Bengaluru Graduates’ constituencies and South Teachers’ constituency, Southeast Teachers constituency and Southwest Teachers constituency. Instead of known strong candidates, preference has been given to new faces and fresh recruits into the Party, reported Kannada Prabha.

In the Southwest Graduates’ constituency D H Shankaramurthy’s son Arun and BJP leader Girish Patel both have not been given ticket. Both were making all efforts to get the ticket. Instead senior BJP leader Ayanuru Manjunath has been given ticket in view of the forth coming elections.

In Bengaluru Graduates’ constituency strong aspirant BJP co-spokesman A H Anand has lost the opportunity, he has not been given ticket. This ticket has been given to A Deve Gowda who was the JD(S) candidate in the previous election and who joined BJP last week. A Deve Gowda had lost to BJP’s Ramachandre Gowda with a small margin.

In Northeast constituency present MLC and strong contender Amaranath Patil has lost the ticket. Instead K B Srinivas has been given ticket. From Southwest Teachers’ constituency present member Ganesh Karnik, from South Graduates’ constituency B Narayana Murthy, from Southeast Teacher’s constituency Dr Alur S Lepakshi have been given tickets.