The metro project of Bengaluru has alreaddy ripped the city of Bengaluru with its green cover. Irrespective of that, BDA had made a controversial decision in 2016 to cut 812 trees for its 6.72-km flyover from Basaveshwara Circle to Hebbal flyover junction. And its proposed compensation for these felled trees will make disturb you even more. It had planned to plant 60,000 ornamental trees, which are of no use, opine environmentalist.

While the issue has subsided for the time being, under the pressure of the public and ecological experts, the BDA has found its next target- the Government Veterinary Hospital located opposite the Cantonment Station on Queen’s Road. It is not only a heritage site, but also home to 2.5 kilometers of greenery that have 120-year old trees. 

The colonial-styled old barracks of the heritage site have already been bulldozed to make way for a super-speciality veterinary hospital worth 16.5 crores. Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Priya Chetty Rajgopal, a core member of Citizens for Bengaluru said, "The grounds are home to  nearly three acres of greenery in the heart of Bengaluru. The stretch has 92 trees and five of the biggest ones are to go. One of them is so thick it needs nine people to go around to cover its trunk. Our protests have been branded anti- development, but can’t development be inclusive? Why can’t the new building be incorporated around the trees?” 

She further argues, "With the Veterinary College in Hebbal, complete with a lab and amenities for specialty treatment, being within  5 kms of the new structure, is it absolutely necessary for another such hospital here? Why can’t the hospital in Hebbal be improved if the authorities feel the need for a super-speciality veterinary facility. We have filed RTIs repeatedly but there is absolutely no response."