This is murder! Bengaluru potholes claim its fourth victim in 10 days

First Published 10, Oct 2017, 8:31 PM IST
Bengaluru potholes take its fourth victim in 10 days how many more sacrifices these killer roads need
  • Another girl tries to evade pothole, dies as a lorry runs over her at Shettarahalli Gate, near Devanahalli in Bengaluru Rural
  • So far four lives have been lost to BBMP's killer potholes just within 10 days
  • CM has given a deadline of 15 days for the authorities concerned to fill the potholes

Bengaluru potholes have taken its fourth victim today in the city. A 21-year-old lady riding a two-wheeler tried to avert a pothole but instead was run over by a truck in Bengaluru Rural district.

The victim has been identified as Veena of Kundana Village was travelling with a pillion rider near Shettarahalli Gate neat Devanahalli on October 10, when she was run over by a truck.

Veena was trying to avert the pothole when she lost balance and fell on the ground, and a truck ran over her, killing her and leaving the pillion rider grievously injured.

The truck left the lorry on the spot and fled before people could gather and catch hold of him.

Localities staged protest alleging that the accident occurred due to a large number of potholes. They have demanded that the officers  concerned should visit the accident site.



This is the fourth death in 10 days in Bengaluru (city as well as in rural district) alone. In addition, an 18-month-old child was thrown out of the two-wheeler when the father was trying to evade pothole in Udupi, recently. The child died on the spot and parents suffered severe injuries. Surprisingly, instead of ascertaining the situation, the Manipal police filed a case against the father who had lost his child, instead of booking the officers for bad roads.

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It can be remembered that DIG, Road Safety and Traffic, R Roopa had recently had instructed that for accidents that occur due to potholes public must file criminal cases against the agency responsible for the construction of the road. However, despite four deaths due to potholes, so far no case has been filed against the BBMP which is responsible for the maintenance of the roads.

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A couple taking their granddaughter to the doctor at 3 am on October 3 tried to evade potholes and were thrown off the bike on Sirsi Circle on Mysuru Road. The couple Sagai Mary and Anthony Joseph died on the spot while the child escaped with injuries.

Soon after the incident, Mayor gave a 10-day deadline for the officers to fill the potholes.

Even before the work on setting the roads right started, pothole took another life at Nayandahalli in Bengaluru on October 8. A 47-year-old woman was thrown out of the bike as her nephew who was riding the bike was trying to evade the pothole.

Following this, various leaders took a dig not only at BBMP but also at Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. He visited the spot and directed the officers concerned to fill the potholes within 15 days.

With rains lashing the city and urban, rural areas of Bengaluru alike, it is doubtful that the filling on the roads will stay (even if the work starts). Thus roads of Bengaluru city, as well as rural areas, are on a killing spree. How many more lives need to be lost before the roads are set right?