A gruesome murder was committed to get rid off wife's boyfriend-turned-stalker. It ended up with a missing body and worse no clue of the body's genitals. It has sent the Mahadevapura police on a wild goose chase in search of  a man's testicles. It all started after Guli Gorla Muneshwar complained to the police that his brother Guli Gorla Chandra was murdered by G Narasimhalu 35, their acquaintance.

Guli Gorla Chandra was married to Kalyani, 34 and they hailed from Nallamadamandala in Andhra Pradesh. However, Kalyani had an illicit relationship with Chandra who also belonged to the same village and this continued for many years. When Narasimhalu got the whiff of it, he tried to commit suicide. Feeling guilty, Kalyani decided to mend her ways and distanced herself from Chandra. But Chandra was smitten by Kalyani and kept pestering her to maintain relations with him, reports Bangalore Mirror.

Frustrated over this, the couple reportedly left their native five years ago and moved to Bengaluru where Narasimhalu worked as a construction labourer, Kalyani worked as a domestic maid. All was fine, until one day Chandra landed at their house. This forced the couple to change their residence to avoid him. However, their efforts to escape from him proved futile as he would get to know their address.

Recently, the couple had moved to Hoodi, and they decided to eliminate him. As planned, Kalyani invited Chandra home. As he pounced on her, Narasimhalu who was waiting to attack, reportedly threw chilli powder on Chandra and hit him with a log. As Chandra collapsed, Kalyani reportedly held Chandra down while her husband who had nursed a grudge against him reportedly bobbitised him. During the process, Chandra had bitten their hands. Later, he died.

The couple packed off the body in a cement bag and dumped it near Mariyamma temple in Hoodi. But for some strange reason, they kept the penis and testicle in a plastic cover with them.

The couple thought they could escape the police. But after being tipped off about the murder, Chandra's brother Muneshwar complained to the police. As the couple got to know about the police tracking them, they reportedly threw off the body parts in a drain that they had kept with them. The recent downpour that the City suffered may have washed away the body parts making the case more complex. The police have been quoted saying that they are waiting for the water to recede to continue their search for the missing body parts.

The two have been arrested by Mahadevapura police and the police. The police has mentioned that since the duo have confessed to their crime it is not necessary to have the body parts as well. But they would try to find it since it would make the case stronger.