After the sex scandal involving lady masseurs in 2011, the Bengaluru police announced that no massage parlours will employ women masseurs for male customers. Despite this order, many parlours in the city are flouting the rules and are also allegedly using these centres to offer sex.


In 2011, the Central Crime Branch team had arrested the owner of a high profile massage parlour on similar charges and then had used their discretionary power and announced  that women should not employed in parlour services for men.


"There is no particular rule which says women cannot do the massage for a male customers. Since there were no such hard rules, many parlours which have taken licence, misused and developed into sex trade," said Siddalingappa, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Women and Narcotics Wing, CCB.


The officer further explained the modus operandi and said, “It is online where it takes place. The kingpins remote control the operation and manages multiple branches simultaneously. The phone details will be given and when a customer calls, he will be asked to come a particular location.”



Once the customer reaches, he calls the number again. His number is shared with the local pimp who will be watching to see if the customer is a safe bet and can be taken to the centre. A man on a two-wheeler approaches the potential customer and asks him to follow.


On reaching the spot, the customer is shown few girls and rates for massage and is also informed about the sex-related services on offer; based on the requirement, he shall be given a room. “These parlours keep changing their area of operations to escape from the police net," said Siddalingappa.


A senior officer said, despite the ban, these parlous are mushrooming by going online. Some use just-dial application and other have their own website which not only promotes the cross massage but also offer sex-related services.


"The cyber crime wing of the city police and also the local licence issuing authorities, BBMP, is responsible for issuing them trade licence. Once they give the licence, they fail to check what exactly is happening in the parlours.


"Except Kerala Ayurveda, Aryasalas and Kottayam massage parlours which really stick to rules and do only medical related massage, most of the massage parlours employ women for male customers and also misuse the permit and run sex racket," revealed the officer.


Agreeing to the misuse of such parlour licences, BBMP Commissioner, N Manjunath Prasad said he will direct all the BBMP zonal commissioners to check and conduct an inspection at all the massage parlours.


"This will be a joint operation between BBMP and police. In case the trade licence is being misused, BBMP will impose penalty and if such illegal services are exposed during the operation, police will arrest the owners and people present there," he said.