Bengaluru hospital succeeds in first robotic surgery of heart

First Published 15, Oct 2017, 2:04 PM IST
Bengaluru hospital succeeds in first robotic surgery of heart
  • The success of the surgery has brought a revolution in the field.
  • With lesser incision, less recovery time for patients is required.
  • Robotic surgery is yet to gain popularity in India.

Aster CMI Hospital, a city-based hospital, has successfully conducted a robot-assisted heart surgery and has been successful in the endeavour. The first of its kind in the city, it has taken robotic surgery to a new level in the country, given the fact that it is yet to gain popularity in the country.

It has a number of benefits too pertaining to recovery and post-operative care. With the advent of minimally invasive technologies, the size of the incision has has reduced from 8-10 am to 5-8 cms. However, with the use of robotic arms, surgeons at the hospital could perform 'four mitral valve' surgeries, with invasions as minimal as 2.5 cm to 3.5 cm. This is considered a revolution in itself since it leads to minimal scarring, lesser trauma, lesser pain and shorter hospital stay. This also helps in lesser pain medication, less bleeding, lower risk of infection, and shorter and quicker recovery time.

Speaking to the Bangalore Mirror, Dr Mahadev Dixit, lead consultant and chief of cardiac Sciences, said, "We doctors sit at a console, and, with inputs from the camera, which gives us a complete view of the mitral valve in the patient's body, guide the three robotic arms which are more dexterous as a human wrist, and are able to rotate almost 360 degrees, making surgical process easier and precise."