In a shocking revelation, a top cop from Central Crime Branch told Asianet Newsable when African nationals were asked to identify the body of Ifeanyi Madu, whose body has been sitting unclaimed in Bowring hospital from a week, a few of the members have warned of a revolt against Indians back in African countries. 


The CCB officer also alleged that African nationals were scattered across the city but were very well networked. The CCB said that though community members tend to have detailed knowledge about the activities of other African nationals, the community refuses to cooperate with the police in many cases.


"They don't have faith in the police and the people here. In the last few cases, involving drug possession and supply, the defendants just say 'I don't know'. This sentence is commonly used by African nationals when caught by the police, and it makes it tough to probe further," said ACP Siddalingaiah, Women and Narcotics Wing, Central Crime Branch.


He further added that a few African nationals had also issued a 'warning' to the Indian police during the interrogations and summonings over Ifeanyi Madu's unnatural death on March 12.


"One of the community members says, over 1 million Indians are living in African countries, and they should fear for their safety," another senior officer told Asianet Newsable.


Meanwhile, city police have sent documents to the Nigerian embassy and asked officials to get in touch with Madu's family and get consent for an autopsy. 


Khaja Mohideenm, Public Relation Officer, Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital, said, "The body of the African National is lying in the mortuary from the past nine days, and no one has come to claim or identify,"


Igwe Elvis, President, Nigerian Students Community, says the family has been informed and right now none of the community wanted to comment on the issue.


Meanwhile, attacks on Africans in the city is a heated topic on social media. Many Nigerians have vented their ire against the authorities, alleging that Nigerians were routinely accused of drug peddling and deporting them back.