In case you were planning to go out and grab a couple of beers in the weekend, this piece of information can give you a major setback. Three beers have been found unfit for human consumption and the excise department has put a stop on the sale of these beers with immediate effect.


A huge stock of 15 batches of these beers had contaminated water. However, it was not toxic or poisonous. Knock Out Strong, Fosters Lager and Royal Challenge Strong are the three beers that you would not want to have anymore.


Close to 1,00,000 bottles have been marked unfit for consumption. One batch equals to 4,600 litres of beer which could have been poured into 1,06,000 bottles of 650 ml each.


The contractors and officials from the excise department have been asked not to release beer from these batches to the retailers. If any stock from these batches has already been supplied, then the officials should beef up the process and stop the retailers from selling those bottles.


“Presence of ethyl alcohol is detected in the above-stated bottles and they are free from methyl alcohol. But in all above sample bottles (we) found hazy infusion and sediment particles with settleable solids. Hence they are unfit for consumption,” a lab report stated.


According to Bangalore Mirror sources, some of the beers from these 15 batches have already left for the retailers. In this case, it will be the first instance where the beers will be recalled after it has left the breweries.