Hamsaveni’s husband Sairam is not the first victim of her violent behaviour.  The 44-year-old seems to have a history with violence. A few months before she shot her husband, Hamsaveni ran over a pedestrian near Koramangala’s BDA Complex.

Rajinder Kaur was only mildly surprised when she saw Hamsaveni’s picture in the paper. After all, Kaur had an encounter with the accused a few months ago. In the 70-year-old grandmother’s words, she was run over by Hamsaveni when she was trying to cross the road. She said that she clearly remembers Hamsaveni’s aggression.

The accident occurred when Kaur, who had been walking on the footpath, stepped on the road. She said that Hamsaveni’s Fortuner car ran over her foot, leaving her with multiple fractures. Passersby gathered around the car and Hamsaveni pushed Kaur and her grandson into the car and took them to St.John’s hospital. However, she yelled at the senior citizen when they were on their way.

Kaur said that Hamsaveni threatened them with the gun under her shirt. However, this didn’t reflect in the FIR launched against her, according to Bangalore Mirror.

Kaur’s son, Gurpreet Singh, who works at United Breweries Ltd, said that Hamsaveni visited the family in the hospital but only created a furore along with her husband. He added that the doctors in the trauma centre asked her to leave following Hamsaveni’s aggressive rant.

A case was registered against her for rash driving (IPC 279) and causing grievous hurt to other (IPC 338). She was arrested but got out on bail. Hamsaveni’s license was revoked as well but according to Bangalore Mirror, she got it back from the RTO. Meanwhile, Kaur can’t walk without the support of a crutch. She faces a disability for life.

Hamsaveni is lodged at the Parappana Agrahara Jail and will be there until May 22. The accused, who shot three rounds of bullets at her husband on Friday, was produced before a district magistrate on Monday evening.  

She said that she acted in self-defence after he assaulted her in the car. The couple got into a fight a few hours earlier when her husband, Sairam objected to her choice of groom for their only daughter.