In a groundbreaking decision, the BBMP plans to build a flyover funded by the Embassy Group that is likely to ease the traffic for techies headed toward the Manyata Tech Park.

In recent times, techies going to the business park have been facing immense difficulties in reaching office because of extreme traffic jams on the Outer Ring Road opposite the tech park. BBMP says that the proposed flyover will connect the two existing flyovers at Nagavara and Veerannanapalya Junctions. According to the Bangalore Mirror, motorists can directly travel through the ORR on an elevated structure while the techies are free to use the road below without any hassle.

Speaking to the Bangalore Mirror, one of the BBMP officials said, "Manyata Business Park is located in between two flyovers. Persons working there are finding it difficult as either they have to commute till the Nagawara Junction and take a U-turn to travel towards the city or they have to commute on the service road that is a one-way road towards the Veerannapallya Junction flyover. It takes at least one hour to reach a point hardly one or one-and-half km away."

He further added, "The flyover is proposed to be a link between the existing two flyovers and then there will be ramps on both directions that will connect the motorists travel directly on to the flyover. Two ramps will let the techpark employees enter inside their campus and there will be another ramp that will let them exit directly to the flyover. These ramps will be uni-directional allowing commuters easy access towards Nagawara Junction and Veerannapally Junction."

BBMP further promises that the flyover will cut down traffic by 70% and will save up to 40 minutes along the junction. Commenting on the same, one of the officials said, "Currently, it takes at least 30 minutes for the employees of the Techpark just to reach the entrance and it will take another 40 minutes to pass the junction. However, the BBMP is going through all the technical factors. As this is a good proposal, the BBMP will be soon be giving the green signal to the flyover construction."